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Introducing Unbound Ministry

We have a saying here at Unbound,

“The greatest story waiting to be told is yours.”

For thousands of years we have tried to play the role of a main character caught between two covers of a book that was written for someone else. We have tried to make the main character’s identity our own instead of living out our true identity. All along, the storyline of our real life has been written for us in the pages of Eternity. Unbound ministry offers the tools you need to step back into the pages of Eternity and experience your real life. 


Our Ignite Rallies

We invest in individual and corporate ministries through events called Ignite Rallies. The life impacting events involve the following teachings:

  • How to live out a Born Again Identity
  • Living as Sons and Daughters of God
  • Changing the atmosphere everywhere we go

We host a hands on learning environment that encourages group participation. The rally is a 3 day event that is held in your local area.


Discipleship Learning Centers

We also set up and establish Discipleship Learning Centers in your local area or church. The DLC is an equipping hub for new and seasoned believers. The hub empowers participants to walk with Father God in spirit and truth. Below is a list of featured classes:

  • Listening to the voice of God
  • Meditation
  • Living from your heart
  • Laying hands on the sick
  • Plus many more

The DLC hubs are designed to make disciples and send them out to live as Jesus lived. 

Always remember this, The greatest Story waiting to be told is YOURS. Jesus lived and died so that your story could be fully lived out. Please pursue the calling and ministry that is written within your pages of Eternity. God bless you!

Unbound Ministry

Johnny Lay

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