Introducing the Collaborate Move•Meant Courses

Introducing the Collaborate Move•Meant Courses

Get on course for your heavenly calling!

Collaborate Move•Meant courses are designed to help individuals discover their heavenly calling and define their revival expression.

Check out our empowering courses. Then, share your story with us on the Connect Page. Let’s ignite revival in your community.

Collaborate Move•Meant Course

Based on the original Collaborate Move•Meant book, the course explores the overlooked central truths of following Jesus. The heavenly paradigm, profile, and pattern of Jesus empowers believers to follow Him with all of their hearts. This visionary discipleship course is an essential experience for believers that are discovering their calling and defining their revival expression.

School of Revival Course

Based on the innovative Collaborate Move•Meant School of Revival, the course uncovers the central truths that establish personal revival in believers and corporate revival in Churches. While the course emphasizes the teachings of the School of Revival, demonstrations of the spiritual gifts and ministry commissioning take place in the end.

We are also happy to work with different types of groups, such as leadership teams, youth groups, and homegroups. Connect with us to reserve your course dates in advance! We look forward to bringing the Collaborate Move•Meant courses to your church and community.

Collaborate Move•Meant Courses were created by Donovan Dreyfus with the Collaborate Move•Meant Studio. Copyright © 2012-2021 Collaborate Move•Meant Courses. All Rights Reserved.

Donovan Dreyfus is the author of the Collaborate Move•Meant book. He also founded the Collaborate Move•Meant Studio and Open Blue Hub, visionary outlets for investing in individuals.

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Collaborate Move•Meant Book


Are you ready to be a revival link to the kingdom of God?

The Collaborate Move•Meant guide is a perfect companion book for life’s spiritual journey. It will reawaken within you a spiritual fervor for the kingdom of God to be fully manifested in every area of life.

Available in paperback and Kindle versions.

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